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Joshua Del Begio

Joshua Del Begio


The future of customer experience

CX is an exciting space to be apart of in 2018. Let's dive into some of the topics that have got our team at Advize particularly excited so far this year.


With all of the groundbreaking improvements in AI/NLP so far this year we're excited to see how this cutting-edge research can be applied to delivering personalized customer experiences. With breakthroughs like ULMFiT, which demonstrate how to effectively apply transfer learning to NLP, our ability to quickly build accurate models quickly improves dramatically. In non-technical terms, this means we can more accurately understand what your customers are talking about with less effort.


With companies like Usermind helping to create a new product category, customer journey automation and Intercom's new Answer Bot, customer experience automation is becoming more and more accessible to companies of all sizes. Much of this automation is behavior-based, and we're excited to be contributing by helping power automation based on a qualitative understanding of customers.


InMoment reports that consumers are wary of “creepy” personalization. In this era of data leaks and privacy concerns, it’s understandable that consumers aren’t a fan of companies overdoing personalization. It’s our opinion that personalization needs to deliver real value for consumers to accept it, and as NLU (natural language understanding) helps us to uncover more about what is important to customers, we do a better job at predicting what they will find valuable. We’re excited to be working with a number of companies to help them automate their sales experience to deliver a better experience from day one.

We'd love to hear what has you most excited about CX so far this year. To learn more about our approach to CX, you can schedule a demo here.